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Our main focus is developing a real and contemporary vision of sustainability applied to the world of events.

We believe that sustainability will be a necessary choice in the next years.

As the pandemic was spreading all around the world, we studied how to apply sustainability to our business model and to our market area.

The result is our sustainable business model, which has been recognised by GTSC, based on the following areas of actions:


Caring for our planet

Love for Italy

CSR Operations

Influencing other players

Who we are

GreenMeet is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based on a consolidated experience in international tourism and operating in corporate and private events planning and management

Our team is made of the best experts in the field over 30 years of experience in the sector, led by Alessandra Santoni.

Our goal is to apply our sustainable business model to the field of events, combining our skills, professional expertise and knowledge together with passion, CSR and love for our country.


Attention to details

Integrity and transparency

Imagination and innovation

We play an integral role in the design, production, management and operation of every aspects of meetings, incentives, award events throughout Italy (including Islands) of which we have a deep knowledge.

Sustainable events

what does it mean for us?

A new way to manage events

From concept to suppliers, everything must be organised in order to minimize environmental and social impact. We designed a unique methodological approach, and we base our operations on GSTC principles. We find the right balance to show that it is possible to design a sustainable top quality event.

Respect for our own the fundamental principles

We work towards a practical application of sustainability, starting from respecting some basic and fundamental principles: zero plastic, zero food waste, respect for workers’ rights, respect for local communities. We believe that a small action can make a big impact, if we all do it. This is why we start from what we should all be doing, avoiding waste and respecting people.

Carbon Neutral Way

GreenMeet works to minimize the environmental and social impact of every event, building a “Carbon Neutral Way” for each client. Our goal is to compensate as much as we can, in order to work towards a “zero impact” event.

We give back

As part of our commitment, we donate part of our income to charitable projects involving local communities in which the event took place. Funding local communities is fundamental if we want to build a more sustainable lifestyle, and this is our way to contribute.

Engaging partecipants

Planning sustainable events has a strong meaning for us: it means to provide our clients with the tools to engage participants in themes such as sustainability and social respect. If an event is sustainable, everyone must know! This is why we designed our Communication and PR Kit which includes marketing tools we design and customize together with our clients, to allow them a conscious communication by sharing with the guests their green effort.

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